The fastest
way to deploy
to AWS

The fastest way
to deploy your

to AWS

StationOps is a unified platform to rapidly configure, deploy and manage apps within your own AWS account.

For teams that want to use AWS without hiring DevOps.

How StationOps Works

Connect Your AWS Account
Connect Your Git Account
Configure your App.
We Automate Everything Else.



Create your
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Configure your
Step 1



Connect your git account and deploy to AWS
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Manage and
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Just focus on building your product

StationOps automates infrastructure and service deployments to your AWS account with no DevOps team required.

One-click deploy your infrastructure into AWS, all your CI Pipelines, DNS settings, image registries and more are automatically created.

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Peace of mind with industry leading reliability


Services and Resources

Web Services

ECS Fargate



Environment Wiring

 Handled automatically





Static Sites


Everything within your own account

Builds, DNS configuration and deployments all happen within your own AWS account.

Retain full auditability and control over your resources.

No lock-in, detach from StationOps at any time and your application infrastructure will be unaffected.

Track infrastructure and services in one place

Create, deploy and track infrastructure configurations in each environment independently.

Track services and build artifacts in one place.

Secure your
application with
user groups

Create and assign users to user groups with granular permissions.

Combine the ease of PAAS with the flexibility of IAAS

Instantly create your team's internal developer platform

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Application Configuration Management

  • Configure all your resources in one place services, databases, queues, storage and more
  • Versioned: easily modify, track and deploy versions of your infrastructure independently
  • Cloud Formation: powered by AWS' IaC solution
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Infrastructure Orchestration

Integrates with the entire SD lifecycle

  • Git / CI pipeline: deploy manually or auto-deploy
  • Clusters: run your containerized application
  • DNS: Create sub-domain environments on demand, SSL
  • Out-of-cluster resources: databases, queues, storage
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Environment Management

  • On-demand: instantly create life cycle or preview environments
  • Automatic environment variable configuration: consume dynamic environment variables such as service or DB hosts through standard or file base configuration
  • Deployments: Promote service and infrastructure through environments
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Deployment Management

  • Git push: Create packages on push with CI pipeline
  • Release management: Track packages, releases and deployments
  • Webhooks: Trigger next steps on completed deployments
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Role-Based Access Control

  • Create user groups
  • Role: Assign environment scoped roles to groups
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  • VPC isolated environments
  • cdk-nag compliant: Aligns with AWS' cloud formation standards
  • Public/Private services: Create services accessible by the internet or only within your VPC
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